Cool Nights, Zen Mornings

Get the restorative sleep you deserve with Sutera's Lavender Zen Cooling Pillow, featuring advanced cooling technology and the calming scent of lavender. No more sweaty nights, just peaceful sleep!

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Adaptive Memory Foam

Cradles the head and neck for perfect alignment, ensuring comfort in any sleep position.

Lavender Oil Infusion

The calming scent of lavender essential oil promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

Cooling Technology

Microchannel ventilation ensures continuous airflow, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Machine Washable Cover

Custom-fitted, moisture-wicking cover for everyday freshness.

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Get The Last Pillow You'll Ever Need!

If you're the type of person who values quality sleep, you probably know that your old flat pillow is too hot and uncomfortable. Upgrade your sleep experience forever and order your new Lavender Zen pillow now!

Lavender Zen Memory Foam Aromatherapy Cooling Pillow